Pankaj Kumar (Blogging Story) & (Earing Proof)

Pankaj Kumar (Blogging Story) – (Owner/Admin)

Hello, Guys welcome to my website bloggerask.Com let me say one thing before starting I am writing all my journey failures success and my earning proofs how many ways I earn all of these are included in this post.

My Blogging Story


Starting with my blogging career and which time I start blogging the first time so in 2017 and this time is for free internet on jio so many peoples are scoring youtube and websites to earn money with the internet so as the same I also do the same thing but at the time in 2017 I will not start my blogging career. I will start my youtube channel for the first time and my youtube channel is not on blogging it’s on free internet on airtel Vodafone our ideas like offers and all those things so when I started literary one or two peoples doing the same thing so I will rank so fast in youtube line and I will complete 10k subscribers within 5 to 6 month and you all know youtube channel monetize with Adsense so on 2017 no monetization limits on youtube channel you can upload and your earning will start so I will create an AdSense account with connected my youtube channel but lack of knowledge I starting click clicking on my legs for make money in a short time and this is my first mistake so then my AdSense is suspend so I decided to earn money with the different way so I come on the internet again and see what order things I do with Adsense.

And then I found another thing app so I created apps on websites like code for many orders website like so I created apps and get another Adsense account and I link my apps with AdSense and also this time Adsense allow apps without publishing on the play store nowadays you cannot run Admob ads on your app without publishing on play store.

Create apps and publish on the play store then my first earning is $100 in 2018 almost I spend one year to make $100. But at the time to time, I know no this app is a very low function and design because you cannot make a professional app with another website or app makers you have to learn android studio to make a professional app so I quit the Admob section because of that and I will not quit without any reason because I see the many bloggers how to earn with blogging so I decided to quit my Admob journey and start my blogging career and this time I don’t know anything about blogger so I start learning and watching videos on youtube and reading articles how I rank how my website take a position on top 10 in google rank.

So in 2019, I will almost know the basic idea of how to start a blog and how to start ranking, and how I make backlinks so I start my blog.

My first Blog

My first blog niche is gaming and my first domain is .Xyz domain its name is gamedownload.Xyz and I start with my free posting on blogger I worked on it and I just write 10 articles with my language and its all about 300 words and maybe fewer words on each article and I apply for Adsense and I will not fair lovely because this time on the blogging line no such big competition so my website is approved by Google Adsense. Then I was happy about that but still, I have no traffic to on money from this blog or AdSense.

But I will not give up I run my another website and this time I go for.Com domain and this website are awesome I will earn almost 80 or 90 dollars within 5 to 6 month and almost and off 2019 got another my payment of 110 dollars in my bank account from my Google Adsense. At this time all is good but suddenly I don’t know how but my main website AdSense is suspended and the reason is invalid click and this time I will not clicks on my ads another guy clicks many times on my ads and again suspended my account.

And now I will again start a new blog then again I will apply for Adsense but this time I got a rejection from AdSense so I thought only one way of earning is not good so I explore again and then I get an Amazon affiliate I will earn with promoting another product and get a commission on this product so I decided to try this Singh also then I created another website and this time I will clear about my earning source so I will not try any time on AdSense to get approve my website I will focus on ranking on the google because if so heavy chance to sell a product and make a commission. And after a month I rank on a keyword my first amazon affiliate earning is around 5000 rupees it’s almost 42-45 dollars.

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